Trekking & Kayaking Adventures

If you are looking for a proper adventure and don’t mind getting a little wet and dirty, then come explore Cambodia with us. Cambodia has some incredible jungle to be discovered and some stunning waterways to paddle along. Seeing Cambodia this way certainly gets you back to nature, but not only this, you will understand the country far better by getting out there and meeting the real people of this enchanting country.

Please Note: Specialist equipment and meals are provided throughout your chosen Cambodia trek. However we do not provide footwear, so make sure that you bring suitable pair of walking boots with you.

Cambodia Popular Activities - Jungle Treks

Jungle Treks

Our tours are specially graded in order to suit all abilities and are led by professional, seasoned guides. On our treks you will see some amazing wildlife, hill tribes and villages. You will also have opportunities to swim in some stunning waterfalls and rivers.
What has been seen on our treks:
Asian black bear and leopards are indigenous to these regions. Dhole (Asian wild dog) jungle cats, deer, gazelles, otters, wild pigs, wild water buffalo, East Asian porcupines, eagles, vultures, bluebirds, bee-eaters, egrets, bats, parrots, parakeets and other tropical birds are often spotted on our Cambodia treks.

Where do we trek to?

  • Ratanakiri in the Virachey National Park
  • Cardamom Mountains

*Treks run from 1 to 5 days and can be longer according to your desires

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Cambodia Popular Activities - Dolphin Watching Boat Trips

Dolphin Watching Boat Trips & Kayaking Adventures

Wildlife lovers shouldn’t miss the chance to see the incredibly rare Irrawaddy Dolphins residing in the Dolphin pool of Kampi. The pool is located just 15km north of Kratie and you can either choose to board a local fishermen’s boats or kayak your way to the pool yourself.

We are able to offer two fabulous Kayaking adventures that both last half a day.

  • Kayaking Dolphin Adventure: Paddle through islands, flooded forest and the Kampi Irrawaddy dolphin pool
  • Kayaking River Adventure: Paddle down the magical Te River and get back to nature and meet the riverside locals

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Cambodia Popular Activities - Yaek Lom Volcanic Lake

Yaek Lom Volcanic Lake (Ban Lung)

No trip to Ratanakiri is complete without a trip to the stunning 700,000 year old crater lake, which is one of the top 10 most picturesque crater lakes in the world. Many locals visit the lake to relax or to enjoy a picnic. It is possible not only to walk around the entire lake, which takes around an hour, but also to swim in its cool waters.

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Towns & Cities in Cambodia

cities and towns of Cambodia

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favourite hotels for Cambodia

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