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 Time in Siem Reap 

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Burmese women: A culture of beauty


Walking tour of Yangon


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Bike Against the Clock Team Building Challenge

A new and unique team building challenge on two wheels Your teams’ mission, if you choose to accept it; is to orient your team around Siem Reap as fast as you can and complete the challenges at each of the check points before racing to the finish line. This team...

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Orange Thursday

Well we missed ‘Black Friday’ so we though we would enter the spirit of last minute discounts and invent our own special giveaway day and call it Orange Thursday. All you have to do is reply to our newsletter and we will give you $100 per person spending...

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Hit the Beaches with Coastal Culture Beachwear

See Asia Differently the Asia tailor-made holiday experts are delighted to have partnered up with Coastal Culture. We are one of Asia’s very best holiday providers and Coastal Culture is one of the UK’s hottest holiday swimwear boutiques that offer swim and resort...

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Cambodia’s Hidden Temples

The enigmatic Angkor Civilization or Khmer Empire flourished between the 9th and 13th century AD in Cambodia. Angkor’s capital, originally named Yashodharapura (meaning Glory-Bearing City), at its peak was one of the largest cities in the...

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A Journey through Northern Laos

It is often said that Laos is not a place; it is a state of mind. Without access to the sea, protected by the Mekong separating it from Thailand, and sheltered by the impassable mountains that isolate it from China and Vietnam, it for centuries...

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Welcome to our Community where we share travel stories from our community as well as offer some travel tips and local insights on Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar and Indonesia.

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