4000 Island River Adventures

There are no more relaxing trips in Asia than exploring Laos 4000 Islands by boat. Tours can start from the Cambodian border or from the town of Pakse, which is a short drive away from the town to Champasake, which will be your base to explore the area.

Champasake itself oozes charm and gives the visitor the felling of going back in time to an era gone by. The surrounding waterways are a dream to explore and is a perfect ending to any Laos adventure.

Wat Phu laos 4000 islands

Don Khone Island & Waterfall Tour

Our Don Khone Island & Waterfall Tour is perfect for those looking to explore Laos’ most remote region. Navigate to the laid-back island of Don Khone and visit the beautiful Liphi Waterfalls and Khone Phapheng Waterfalls, which is the largest waterfall in Southeast Asia.

Wat Phu Temple Tour

Temple buffs will surely want to add this one to their list of must-see temples. Located at the base of mount Phu Kao, this spectacular pre-Angkorian temple was built in the 5th century by the Khmer Empire. Climb 400 stairs up the mountain for an impressive view of the temples and the landscape.

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Explore the Islands by bike

On most of the islands that you visit in the area you have the opportunity to hop on two wheels for a more in under-the-skin experience. Watch the local people go about their daily tasks, interact with the villagers, and join in with some traditional games with the adorable, inquisitive children that call the islands home.

What Islands can you visit?

  • Don Dhet
  • Don Khong
  • Don Khon

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