Vietnam War Tunnels Tour

Chu Chi & Long Tan Battle Field

The Cu Chi Tunnels first began to be dug by Communist forces in the late 1940’s, during their war of independence with the French. Once the US started to escalate its presence in the area in the 1960’s, the tunnels where expanded and the tunnel system covered a distance of over 250 kilometres, from the outskirts of Ho Chi Minh city all the way to the Cambodian border.

The main reason for the tunnels was to even out the odds with the heavily equipped American Army, and ultimately the construction of the tunnels helped keep the American forces from winning the war in Vietnam. They are now a big tourist attraction in the country.

A Typical Tour

You will be picked up at your hotel and taken to the Cu Chi Tunnels area, where you will first get a personal history lesson on guerrilla warfare and the history of the tunnels. The network of long underground tunnels, totaling 200 kms, were used by the Viet Cong guerrillas as hiding spots during combat, as well as serving as supply routes, communication posts, weapon caches, hospitals and living quarters. Today you will get the chance to descend underground and imagine for yourself what it would have been like to sleep, eat, work and cook in these conditions. The tunnels were a crucial part in Viet Cong’s resistance to American forces and ultimately helped achieve military success. They are therefore an important place to visit for anyone interested to learn more about Vietnam’s history.

Cu Chi Tunnels Vietnam War Tour

Cu Chi Tunnels Tour

Get an insight into life underground if you dare, by exploring the dark and narrow tunnels at Cu Chi. This vast network of tunnels were created to help the Viet Minh combat the French, and later the American troops during the Vietnam war. Far beneath the ground, you will learn what life was really like for the troops in the tunnels as they lived, slept, ate and worked in the confines of the tunnels and rarely saw the light of day.

Cu Chi Tunnels Jeep Tour

If you’d like to make your Cu Chi Tunnels experience even more memorable, then our Authentic Jeep Tour is just for you. You will get the whole Cu Chi experience as the normal tour, however with this tour you will do it in style. Perfect for all the family and memorable for older children as you ride in a real re-conditioned US Army Jeep. This is such a great experience that it will be a talking point for a long time to come.

Long Tan Battlefield Tour

Long Tan Battle Field Tour

The Battle of Long Tan took place on the 18th August 1966 and pitted 108 Australian soldiers against an estimated 2,000 Viet Cong, and against all odds they came out victorious. During this day tour you will visit key points of the battles such as Long Tan Cross, the Horse Shoe, the Long Phuoc Tunnels and the Nui Dat, before returning to Ho Chi Minh City.

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