best time to travel in Myanmar When is it the best time to travel in Myanmar?

Unlike other Asian destinations, Myanmar (Burma) has three distinctive seasons:
Cool and Dry from November to the middle of March, Hot and dry from the middle of March towards the end of May and Wet and cool from June to mid-October.

November to March is generally the best time to travel throughout the country. During this period, the average maximum temperature should not rise above 32 to 35 degrees Celsius and it will be dry. This is when the rivers will be full of water and the countryside is green and fresh. Please note that Burma is a large country stretching all the way from China to the south of Thailand, there are snow-capped mountains in the north and Northwest while more mountains, hills and highlands surround the central plains. If you visiting or trekking in these areas be aware that evenings and nights can be very cool to rather cold. The coastal areas and islands will always receive refreshing sea breezes and the sea will be calm and pleasantly warm.

April and May are the warmest months in Burma and temperatures can reach 40 degrees Celsius in Yangon and the central plains. During these hot and dry months, there are less visitors to Bagan and Mandalay while the mountainous region and highlands will be fresh and pleasant. The coast remains dry, with high seas and strong waves and currents. The south-west monsoon starts unpredictably between mid-May to June. During this period it will rain almost daily but mainly in the afternoons and evenings. The central plains (dry zone) including Mandalay and Bagan will receive least of rain and will be surprisingly fresh.

From June to September, the north-west coast (Rakhine state) and the delta region will receive most of the rain (200-250 mm). Do not let the downpours of our green season stop you from visiting. Streets could turn into streams and rivers during a tropical thunderstorm, but all in all, the water and rain are gone before you know it. Most of all, nature is in its most radiant peak, rice-paddies wear their most vibrant shade of green while different flowers and fruits find their way to the local market stalls.

Getting to MyanmarGetting to Myanmar

There are several good options to get to Burma through connecting flights. We find Thai Airways to be the best with an average journey time of 15 hours. Regional flights can also be found within Asia; Singapore Air and Malaysian Airlines all have reasonable flight prices.

Outside of Asia, discounted flights will be hard to come by. It may sometimes be beneficial to buy a flight to Bangkok and then a separate flight to Yangon International Airport as this can sometimes be cheaper than buying a one ticket fare straight to Burma from your home country. However, if you are already in Asia then reasonable flight tickets can be found, mainly from Bangkok and Singapore but many airlines could be opening up this route.

Weather by month in Myanmar Weather by Month


The dry season is well underway in Myanmar in January, with excellent travelling conditions throughout the country. This is the high season, with temperatures slowly beginning to rise.
The beaches along the west coast, and the southern part of the country will see plenty of sunshine. The central plains are also hot and dry (though they are more manageable in January than in the coming months). Temperatures around Inle Lake, in the foothills and in Shan State are still chilly in the evenings and early mornings. Things warm up during the day, but you still ought to pack appropriate warm clothing if visiting these regions.
You are unlikely to encounter rainfall at this time of year. Temperatures in the lowlands can reach up to 29°C. Even in the highlands to the east and north you can expect around 25°C during the day, although it can get quite cold in the evening.


February is widely considered the ideal month to visit Myanmar, with weather conditions getting steadily better. The disadvantage to this is the greater number of visitors. The number of visitors is never really excessive, but accommodation in some of the more popular tourist destinations is somewhat limited, so it’s recommended to book your hotel well in advance of your trip.
You will find perfect travelling conditions throughout the country: rain is now a thing of the past, and the chill in the air in the mountainous regions is gone (although some places can still feel a little cold in the early morning). The west coast beaches and the southern provinces see plenty of sunshine. Although still hot and dry, the central plains are relatively comfortable compared with the following months. Most of the chill is gone from the foothills, but around Inle Lake and in the Shan region, it can still get a little chilly in the evening, so it’s a good idea to pack a pullover.
In the lowlands, temperatures can reach highs of around 32°C. The highlands to the north and east can reach 29°C, with the evenings somewhat cooler.


Book your hotel early if you plan to visit Myanmar in March. This is widely considered the optimal time see the country. The weather is great, with little to no rainfall, and the chill gone from the air in the highland regions. But this attracts large numbers of visitors, and hotel accommodation can be limited in the more popular destinations.
The beaches to the west and the lowlands in the south see plenty of sunshine, and the highlands to the north are pleasantly warm. The central plains will be hot and dry.
The lowlands average highs of around 35°C, and the foothills to the east and north hover around the low 30s°C.


With the arrival of April things really start to warm up, reaching some of the highest temperatures in the year. You will encounter excellent weather across the country, with little or no rain and even the highlands are pleasantly warm in April. There are still high visitor numbers, so it’s a good idea to book your hotel accommodation early.
If you visit the south or the beaches on the west coast, be sure to pack a good sun block – you will enjoy plenty of sunshine and temperatures climb towards 36°C. In the central plains temperatures average around 40°C and even the highlands reach the mid-30s°C.


May doesn’t see much change from the previous month in most of Myanmar, with persistent high temperatures, averaging from 32-38°C. The number of visitors begins to drop off, so this is not a bad month to come if you enjoy strong sunshine. The onset of the rainy season is not far off, and temperatures do drop a little towards the end of the month. There may be the occasional shower, and a light breeze might pick up from time to time, helping to cool things down a little.
South of Mandalay, the central plains remain hotter than the rest of the country, reaching as high as 40°C. The beaches on the west coast remain dry and hot, though the ‘high season’ ends in May, and resorts close up shop in anticipation of the heavy rains to be expected in coming months.


In June, Myanmar begins to edge towards the rainy season, with sporadic rainfall (showers are short-lived, increasing in intensity as we head towards July) and cooler temperatures. Actually, this can be a very pleasant month to travel in Myanmar, as the weather is still relatively dry, and temperatures are less oppressive than in previous months.
The driest and hottest region are the central plains south of Mandalay, where temperatures hover around the low to mid-30s°C. In the rest of the country temperatures average around 30°C. Most beach resorts will have closed by mid-June, in preparation for the heavier downpours just around the corner


The rainfall reaches its peak as we move into July – expect heavy downpours throughout the country. Temperatures are high (averaging 27-30°C), though the rain offers some relief from the heat.
The western and southern coast beaches are closed, and road travel in the country can be difficult, in some areas maybe even impossible. To the south of Mandalay, the central plains remain the driest, hottest region, with fewer downpours and temperatures hovering around the low – mid-30s°C.
Although July may not be the best month for a trip to Myanmar, it is certainly possible to have an unforgettable experience at this time of year in this fascinating country.


We are now well into the monsoon season in Myanmar, although rainfall starts to ease a little towards the end of August. However, be prepared for heavy downpours wherever you travel in the country.
The west and south coast beaches are closed until the end of the rainy season, and roads can be difficult (in some cases, impossible) to traverse throughout much of the country. Temperatures are a high 27 – 30°C on average. August may not be the optimal month for a visit, but it’s still possible to have a wonderful experience in this fascinating part of the world.


In September in Myanmar the monsoon season is still in full swing, but rainfall begins to drop off and the mercury sinks somewhat, with temperatures hovering around the high 20s and low 30s°C.
The beach resorts on the south and west coast are closed, some parts of the country are unpassable by road, and tourist numbers remain low. The central plains south of Mandalay are warmer and drier, with temperatures in the low 30s°C, and less rainfall. As the month progresses towards October, temperatures and rainfall continue to fall.


In October, with an end to the rainy season in site, travellers start returning in greater numbers to Myanmar. The mercury remains in the high 20s and low 30s°C, but cooler temperatures are to be expected soon, as we approach the high season.
If you plan to visit Bagan, southwest of Mandalay, this is, as usual, the driest and hottest area, with little rainfall and temperatures reaching into the low 30s°C. Ngapali and the other beach resorts on the west and south coasts start to come alive again, but service can be a bit erratic at first as new staff learn the ropes, and any damage suffered during the monsoon season needs to be repaired.
October can be an excellent time to visit Myanmar as the weather is fairly moderate, and the number of visitors is still relatively low.


November is a very popular month for visiting Myanmar. The rainy season is all but over and temperatures remain relatively moderate (though they can reach up to 31°C is some parts of the country).
Temperatures are lower in the foothills and highlands to the east, reaching average highs of 25°C, especially at night, so pack adequate warm clothing if you plan to visit this region.
Ngapali and the beach resorts are by now in full swing, enjoying plenty of sunshine.


December sees little change from November – visitor numbers have not yet reached their peak, temperatures are moderate (with average highs of up to 31°C throughout most of the country), rainfall is minimal or non-existent – all in all, this is a very popular month for a visit to Myanmar.
If you plan to trek in the foothills and highlands to the east, expect slightly lower temperatures, and it can get a bit chilly at night, so be prepared with appropriate clothing.
That ever popular destination, Ngapali, and the other beach resorts on the south and west coasts are fully operational, with no shortage of sunshine, and are perfect for some R&R for the weary traveller.

Passport and visa information for LaosPassport & Visa Information

Do I need a Visa to enter Myanmar (Burma)?
Yes: All nationalities travelling to Myanmar (Burma) need to obtain a visa with only one exception which are Singapore passport holders.

How to get a Myanmar (Burma) Visa?
There are two ways:

1) In Advance (E-Visa) – You can now obtain an e-visa for Myanmar (Burma) in advance. The visa costs $50 and payment can be made online via a credit or debit card.
*You can apply for you visa in advance by applying here

2) In Advance (Embassy) – Alternatively you can visit the Myanmar embassy in your country of origin. The visa in the UK costs £35 + a £6 surcharge to get your passport returned via special delivery.
*Please note that this process can take up to 4 weeks.


Additional Information:

  • +

    Please make sure that your passport does not expire within 6 months of your holiday. And that your passport has at least one full clean pad for the visa and another page for additional stamps.

  • +

    If applying for a visa on arrival please make sure that you have 2 passport photographs with you.

  • +

    For every day you are in the country without a valid visa you will have to pay a fine per day.

  • +

    Please note that you are no longer need to pay an airport departure tax as this is included in your airline ticket.

Destination Guide

Everything you need to know before you travel to Myanmar.


Our Favourite Hotels in Myanmar

Please ask us if you require more detailed information.

Thazin Gardens Myanmar

3 Star – Bagan
The Thazin Garden Hotel is located on a high plain in an elevated position making it the perfect place for its guests to enjoy the beautiful garden setting. Built in traditional design of mainly teak components this hotel has a really lovely. This beautiful authentic hotel is well placed to enjoy the nearby temples of Bagan and offers a very welcoming return after a warm and dusty day of sightseeing. This hotel really feels like a home away from home.

The Savoy Myanmar

4 Star – Yangon
The Savoy Hotel is a colonial boutique hotel that was founded relatively recently in 1995. It is located in a picturesque area of Yangon offering views that overlook the magical Shwedagon Pagoda and the People’s Park. The 30 rooms and suites use Burmese antiques and teak furniture to express an olden day charm but with modern amenities. The pool area shadowed by trees makes this a private peaceful spot for any intrepid traveller in the heart of the bustling city.

Inle Princess Hotel Myanmar

4 Star – Inle Lake
One of the first hotels to be built on the banks of the stunning lake at Inle, this boutique is a feast on the senses. This unique boutique refuge was created to share a genuine experience of Inle, its innovative local cuisine, traditional practices, architecture and interesting artwork. This hotel is a true hidden treasure as the rooms have been carefully crafted using traditional materials and practices. The distinct dark coloured wood gives the retreat true warmth and local feel to it, giving you a perfect base to explore.

MV Sea Horse Myanmar

3 Star Boat – Mergui Archipelago
The private boat of the MV Sea Horse provides everything that you need for a comfortable stay on water. The boat sleeps up to 6 people and is a firm favourite amongst divers and those that simply want to relax and take in the beauty of the incredible Mergui Archipelago. This coastline is often missed by time sensitive tourists but those who do have time then boat trip along this coastline will linger long in the memory banks in years to come. Love boats then come aboard!

The Governor’s Residence Myanmar

5 Star – Yangon
The Governor’s Residence is a beautifully designed teak mansion which dates back the 1920’s and is now one of the top hotels in the country. Trees shade the extensive gardens and fan shaped swimming pool making it an ideal retreat from the hustle and bustle of Yangon city. Located close to the main attractions and complete with Burmese and International cuisine it is a firm favourite amongst more sophisticated Asian travellers.

Thande Beach Hotel Myanmar

4 Star – Ngapali
Built to enjoy a prime location of alluring Ngapali Beach on the Rakihine Coast in western Myanmar. The grand ‘Thande Beach Hotel’ stands with the best deluxe modern facilities fronting the natural scenery of transparent blue sea and gentle waves of the Bay of Bengal. With local flavour and peaceful surroundings you can take splendid relaxation in the amenity of the wonderful seaside beach resort combined with dedicated service and impeccable Myanmar warm hospitality.

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