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Why is it important to travel next year after a year of lockdown?

by | Dec 18, 2020

So far, 2020 has been everything but predictable. Most of our plans failed and, unfortunately, many of us have lost our jobs or even worse – somebody we loved. After this nightmare is finally over, we will need to get some rest and get our lives back on track. We are already desperate for some things that we have had to give up on, like traveling, for example. So, while waiting for the pandemic to be over, let’s consider why it is important to travel next year after a year of lockdown.

People find solace in planning their future trips

The researches show that many people spend their quarantine days planning for their future adventures. Traveling is what we miss the most at the moment, so it makes sense that we are looking for something to fill the void. The Internet made it possible for us to take virtual tours and trips as well as to research the places we would like to visit. However, nothing can replace the real feeling one gets when visiting Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, or any other travel destination they have been dreaming of.

People standing on a Golden Bridge, Vietnam, Da Nang
Even though people are concerned about their lives, health, and finances, they still count on future travels to make them feel good again.

We need some sense of control

Many countries have already started their vaccination programs, which means that we can be optimistic about 2021 and the years to come. Of course, nobody can tell for sure when things will be back to normal (if ever), but there is hope. Once countries start opening up, there will be many rules we will all have to follow, but most of us agree that it will be a small price to pay for what we will get.

Needless to say, the travel industry is not the only one affected by the crisis. The global pandemic has influenced the real estate field, too, since people are not so sure about taking loans and changing their homes. Our friends from say that the moving industry is stable for the time being and that they can still satisfy every customer who hires them while respecting the safety measures at all times.

Why is planning a journey important?

You have probably noticed that things are more likely to happen if you plan for them. When you have a goal in business or life in general, you will direct your efforts towards achieving it, and you will be able to track your progress. Planning a journey is similar in the sense that once you pick your destination and dates, you will create a timeline and plan your pre-holiday activities.

For people who don’t like leaving anything to chance, planning a holiday is half the fun. While making a list of the places you would like to visit and things you want to do, you learn a lot about them. That can help improve your mood and keep your mind occupied. Instead of thinking about the virus, isolation, and lockdown, you will be envisioning something that you like.

Now, by having positive thoughts, you might not influence future events, but you will undoubtedly feel better. Why is that so? – you might ask. When you have positive thoughts, the hormone called endorphin is being secreted, which helps you feel better! So, positive thinking creates a positive mood!

What will be different after a year of lockdown?

Even though people are looking forward to reopening and traveling again, getting back to where we were before the pandemic will take a while. After quite a bit of time in isolation, some people will find it weird to be sharing an armrest with a total stranger on a plane or using a buffet in a restaurant one day.

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However, there are several positive things future travelers can expect after the lockdown. Here are some predictions:
⦁ Traveling will be more flexible in a way that airplane companies will not have such strict cancellation policies. They will have to fight for each and every customer, so rescheduling your flight will be easier than ever.

⦁ When it comes to hotel owners, they will be more willing to provide you with the best offers and give discounts. The overall hygiene will be better, so you will enjoy a far better quality of accommodation for the same amount of money you used to pay.

⦁ Popular tourist landmarks will be easier to explore since the crowds will be smaller. This is extremely important for busy attractions many inspirational holidays in Asia feature.

⦁ Privately-owned accommodations will probably be more affordable due to the competition among the owners. Their quality might improve too.

It is important to travel next year after a year of lockdown to help the industry

Many travel plans have been put on hold in 2020, and unfortunately, some of them will have to be canceled entirely. The travel industry has suffered immensely, and it will take years for it to recuperate. Some hotels and tourist facilities have closed for good, while there is still some hope for others. Millions of people working in the travel industry have lost their jobs, and we are afraid that’s not all. After not being used for several months, some facilities will need to be updated or upgraded to meet future needs. Unfortunately, not all of them will have the financial means to do it and hire the necessary workers.

Finally, we should travel to relax

Traveling is not one of our basic needs, like eating or sleeping, but it definitely is one of the most favored leisure activities. Through traveling, we learn about cultures, their history, geography, and so much more. The lockdown has kept us apart for too long, and people feel the need to reconnect and learn something new. At the moment, the tendencies around the globe are to travel locally, where that is possible, of course. Even in the areas where the number of infected persons is not alarming, people tend to stay closer to their families should anyone need medical help.

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The appearance of COVID-19 has altered our lives, but we must not surrender. Tourist workers are doing their best to help their industry and operate during COVID-19. Let’s help them and enjoy our travel next year after a year of lockdown.