Khmer (Cambodian) people love to eat and they eat different kinds of food every day. Some people like to cook themselves at home and eat with their family and others love to eat out in different restaurants. This probably sounds no different to how things maybe in your household, but there is always a twist!

This month, I would like to interest you in trying something different when you come and visit us in Cambodia later in the year. Of course part of the fun of travelling the world is experiencing new things and trying different foods and cuisines that you would not normally try. That is why on our holidays we recommend to our visitors to book on a bed and breakfast basis as to never miss a culinary opportunity.

Cambodian food is simply delicious from noodle soups with a choice of beef, pork, chicken or vegetables. ‘Amok’ which is a beautifully fragranced lightly flavoured Khmer curry made with coconut cream and river fish.  Then there is ‘Lok Lak’ a simple dish traditionally made with beef in a tomato sauce with a garnish of onions, tomato and lettuce.  This is then finished of with a fried egg and a simple sauce of salt a squeeze of fresh lime and pepper (Kampot pepper if you can) it is simply divine.  A week never goes by without me having a beef Lok LaK and my wife an Amok!
Book a cooking lesson as part of your holiday and learn how to cook one of these dishes and fill your home with the smell of Cambodia.

On the holidays we organize there are always opportunities to try the street food as you will constantly see side carts attached to motorbikes (moto’s), selling noodles, baguettes (yes there is still a lot of French influence in Cambodia) and boiled eggs, some normal and some best left to the locals. We will explain when you get here but for those who know what ‘Pong Tia Koon’ is, will know it’s an acquired taste, as is ‘Prohoc’ a fermented fish paste that is used as an accompaniment.

We can now organize flights from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh as well as Sihanoukville 3 time a week. But those who choose the scenic route always get the opportunity to stop off at ‘Skun’ or Spiderville as it has been nicknamed. Once here let your taste buds go wild as your guide is on hand to see who the braver ones in the group are. Some of the delights that are on offer range from snake, small quail, crickets and worms usually all deep fried. Try deep fried tarantula if you dare! with 1 in 5 of our guests brave enough to give it a try.

I hope that has wetted your appetite and that you will give some of the Cambodian foods a try when you come and ‘See Asia Differently’ with us.