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See Asia Differently is Back!

by | Feb 26, 2022

We are Open and have weathered the storm!

It has been a quiet and frustrating couple of years, but we are 100% open for business and ready to get you on a plane to South East Asia.

We are taking enquiries and have already had some tourists land in Cambodia this year, which is just amazing. Also with todays news of Vietnam opening its doors from the 15th March it is time for travel to boom again.

Right now Cambodia is quarantine free, flights are becoming readily available and due to the hugely successful vaccine rollout supported by the US and UK; Cambodia is one of the safest countries in the world to travel to right now!

At See Asia Differently we were never going to close; our business and the people that work for us just mean too much. So much so that we have managed to just keep going by paying our staff a furlough type lifeline payment out of our own savings. This ultimately means after 12 years since we opened and moved to live in Asia, that we have to pretty much start all over again and that is exactly what we are going to do.

We would also like to give a huge thank you to all of you who had to cancel your holidays with us in 2021 but have since rebooked.

People standing on a Golden Bridge, Vietnam, Da Nang

To get us back on track we need your HELP!

If you have travelled with us.

Then please come and travel with us again or tell others that are thinking about travelling to SE-Asia to get in touch with us as our holidays are brilliant.

If you haven’t travelled with us yet.

What are you waiting for; read our incredible reviews, check out our website for some inspiration and then get in touch.

Our travel experts work by putting ourselves in your shoes with your interests and budget before creating profoundly different with our local knowledge and 12 year of expertise and living in Asia. Also, as we have said before tailor-made does not mean expensive, especially when you book and travel with the same company; as there is no middleman taking their cut.

Please help us get 2022 off to the best possible start by enquiring with us today. E-Mail me personally at [email protected] and we can arrange a time to chat about your holiday plans.

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Travel to Cambodia Now!

Out of the 6 countries we specialise in only Cambodia is Fully Open with NO Quarantine. Cambodia is the most open country in Southeast Asia and the second most vaccinated country in the world per capita behind Taiwan.
Cambodia has some good flight options currently and was recently voted the world’s friendliest county to visit. So, if you’re looking at an immediate getaway then this is the place to travel too right now!

People standing on a Golden Bridge, Vietnam, Da Nang

Reviews are key to our revival

In the past we have not been brilliant at collecting reviews as ‘Trip Adviser’ does not let us list properly as a travel company. But now reviews seem to be more important than ever for smaller companies like ours. If you have travelled with us previously and have yet to leave us a Trip Adviser review; we would be so grateful if you could.

We have also started collecting reviews on Google and Trust Pilot; so, it would be amazing if you could also take the time to post your past and new reviews on these two sites too by following the links.
People standing on a Golden Bridge, Vietnam, Da Nang
People standing on a Golden Bridge, Vietnam, Da Nang
People standing on a Golden Bridge, Vietnam, Da Nang
People standing on a Golden Bridge, Vietnam, Da Nang

Book Now – Vietnam Open from 15th March

We are also starting to take enquiries for Thailand, Vietnam and Laos which is opening up fast. However hot off the press today is news that Vietnam will be open from the 15th March.

  • Vietnam: PCR test on arrival with 1 day of quarantine.
  • Thailand: PCR test on arrival with a quarantine day on day 1 and day 5.
  • Laos: PCR test on arrival with 1 night of quarantine.

We only expect these restrictions to last until May and we can still run holidays with the most minimal of disruptions

People standing on a Golden Bridge, Vietnam, Da Nang

Teaming up with Leap travel to offer Gap year experiences

Leap Travel offers exciting volunteering experiences for GAP year students looking to combine travelling for the first time and doing good in the community.

As travel philosophy’s go our values are very closely aligned. We therefore delighted to be working together to offer your children the ground programs for these exciting community tours in Asia.

Check out the latest trip to Vietnam today. Meet people, Travel safely, Do good, Give back, Learn and have fun!

best guides in the world

We probably have the best guides in the world

We have supported our guides and staff a best as we can since the pandemic began.

To make ends meat our guides have had to be creative in relation to bringing in some much-needed income, have put their hands to many things. From packing and transporting bananas to setting up a water delivery and a face cream and cosmetic business.

I am very proud of each and every one of them and I hope that we can get them all back to work as quickly as possible.

People standing on a Golden Bridge, Vietnam, Da Nang

Our Chosen Charity – Read Club

Set up by our very own Operations manager Brian Ork ‘Read Club Cambodia’ is making great strides in encouraging young people to pick up a book and develop a regular reading habit. They meet every Sunday in different locations to talk about the benefits of regular reading, to socialise and to also take time to read in a relaxing atmosphere.

As travellers you help and do your bit. We encourage all travellers to Cambodia to bring a book with them that they are happy to donate to the club.

People standing on a Golden Bridge, Vietnam, Da Nang

See Asia Differently on the BBC World Travel Show

Last year we got our 2 minutes of fame. We were visited by a film crew that met us back in the UK, to talk about our struggles in relation to Covid and how Cambodia has been coping during the pandemic.

Watch our 2 minutes of fame: Click here

People standing on a Golden Bridge, Vietnam, Da Nang

Travel, Travel, Travel

Get in touch with us today to start planning your trip!