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Read Club Cambodia

by | Jun 9, 2019

At See Asia Differently, we love inspiring others to help and therefore this is why this particular story is extremely close to our heart as ‘Read Club Cambodia’ was founded and is run by one of our very own employees.

We have always encouraged our staff to do good in the community and participate in things that they believe in and feel strongly about. So, when Synak the head of operations at See Asia Differently (the man behind making sure all of your holidays to Asia run seamlessly) wanted to help his countrymen and women, he chose a topic very close to his heart – literacy.

Visiting Ta Prohm temple in Cambodia
After a lengthly reading sessions, each members of the club will get up one by one to give a quick run-down of what they have read to the rest of the club.

Since working for us, Synak has always finished his working day and then out of the goodness of his own heart, has gone on and taught English to disadvantaged children in his spare time. After 10 years he has recently taken a break from teaching as he awaits the birth of his first child. But even with this soon to become huge time commitment he has wanted to continue his educational journey and help others and hence ‘Read Club Cambodia’ was born.

The club’s aim is pretty simple – to educate more people to pick up a book and to start reading. But to get a group of like-minded people together and to meet regularly and to create a community as he has done takes time, pride and passion.

Synak alongside his wife, together they run the Reading club and have recently opened their own Reading Cafe.
Visiting Ta Prohm temple in Cambodia

See Asia Differently founders Eva and Peter not only donate books to Synak and the reading club, but also offer various opportunities for the clubs’ members to better themselves. With the company recently expanding into School groups and Team Building events, the read club members are often used as additional support staff when running certain events; such as the company’s most recent initiative, the team building challenge on two wheels called ‘Bike Against the Clock’.

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