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Naga Earth

by | May 28, 2019

Naga Earth is an incredibly inspiring business set up by Tim Waterfield with the sole purpose of providing organisations with an environmentally friendly option of how to dispose of their old and unwanted cooking oils in an environmental way.
The organisation Naga Earth is all about creating a positive change through inspirational and creative environmental projects, with their inspiring projects visible on their website. Such initiatives range from creating soaps and eco-friendly cleaners; with this project developing into a community hygiene program.

Visiting Ta Prohm temple in Cambodia
Used cooking oil is converted into clean burning bio-diesel, suitable for any diesel engine.

Other green initiatives include plastic recycling and the breaking down of hard plastics that can then be shredded and moulded into new long-lasting items, glass recycling project and many more recycling workshops. In regards to the recycling workshops, we incorporate as many of these initiatives into our tailor-made holidays as well as in our School and study trips all across South East-Asia. So if there is a particular initiative that you’re interested in then please let us know and we can incorporate it into your Asia holiday plans.

Produced from natural ingredients, Naga Earth’s eco-friendly soap and cleaners are packaged in refillable packaging model to reduce plastic use.
Visiting Ta Prohm temple in Cambodia

The project however that we are most proud of supporting under the Naga Earth umbrella, was its original initiative called Naga Bio-Fuels. This is where all the dissuaded and unwanted cooking oil from local businesses was collected and turned into biofuel and given a second lease of life. At See Asia differently, we were the first tour company to trial the biodiesel in our tour vehicles and we highly recommend that others follow suit and give the new greener fuel a go.

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