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March – Newsletter

by | Mar 22, 2022

There has never been a better time to travel to South-East Asia than right now. Its safer than any other part of the world covid wise, travel is incredible easy, and there are some great flight deals coming available now if you look.

Also as of last week fully vaccinated people can travel to Cambodia with no test or anything, meaning travel is back and we can almost go where we want, when we want.

So stop what you’re doing and make that trip away with us a reality!

Flight deals to Asia

Return flights to Bangkok for under £400.

Which makes Thailand or Cambodia the perfect destinations to travel to get some much-needed culture and escapism.

People standing on a Golden Bridge, Vietnam, Da Nang

Half Term Offers (Family 9 Day /8 Night – Asian Break) 28th May to 6th June

Make the most of extra Jubilee days off with a longer than normal half term.

After living in Cambodia with our family for 10 years we know how to craft a perfectly balanced holiday, so that everyone in the family gets exactly what they want. Yes, it’s possible and it is pretty easy to do. You let us know your musts and must nots and we can do the rest.

Also with some longer than usual holiday breaks coming up, travelling to Asia is not such a silly thing as with good connections and flight deals + the cost or food and drink being extremely cheap, a break away with us will set you back less that your usual European equivalent.

People standing on a Golden Bridge, Vietnam, Da Nang

Remember we still offer fabulous golf experiences.

Play Golf Asia is our sister travel website that specialises in golf trips and golf holidays to South-East Asia. The most popular destinations being Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia.

If you’re looking to tee off on a golf holiday in 2022/2023 then check out what we have to offer.

People standing on a Golden Bridge, Vietnam, Da Nang

School Trips & University Trips

Would you like your School / University to put some incredible experiences together that include; helping in the community, aided learning, as well as some down time to discover the country and find yourself.

Recommend us to your School / University and we can come a talk to you about our trips and living in South-East Asia and running a travel company for 12 years. We have some wonderful photos and stories to tell.

People standing on a Golden Bridge, Vietnam, Da Nang

Angelina visits Cambodia – It’s all about the Bees

Following the reopening of Cambodia to foreign tourists last month. Angelina Jolie was one of the first people to touch down in Cambodia when the doors opened. She is in the Kingdom of Wander to promote her new ‘Woman for Bees’ program which is looking to recruit and train 50 women beekeepers and build over 5,000 beehives and restoke over 125 million bees in the kingdom over the next 5 year.

Angelina has been a wonderful ambassador for Cambodia and Cambodian tourism, over the years by visiting every 2 or 3 years. Which keeps the country in the press and hopefully showing the outside world how amazing the country is and how welcoming the people are.

People standing on a Golden Bridge, Vietnam, Da Nang
Check out our group trips to Cambodia and Vietnam and our new trip to Thailand.

Meet new friends and have the benefits or experiencing South-East Asia as part of a group. You can have your own room or have the option to save a little and share a twin room.

With prices starting from £1,799 with flexible departure dates and no deposit required until 30 days before departure. Get in touch and register your interest.

People standing on a Golden Bridge, Vietnam, Da Nang

Be a travel Ambassador

Do you love South-East Asia and have travelled with us in the past. Then recommend us to others and earn yourself ‘travel points’ or ‘travel spending money’ that you can redeem yourself or gift to someone special.

Get in touch and become an Ambassador today or simply let us know who you have referred to us to claim your reward.

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So if anyone has ever thought of visiting this part of the world that get in touch and make sure you travel with us. It would absolutely incredible if you could help us in our post Covid revival. We are just a normal family that arranges incredible holidays and experiences to Asia, and we would love it if you would experience them with us.

In order to springboard this I am available to talk with you personally about all things South-East Asia and what you would like to get out of a holiday so that I can then personalise an itinerary for your individual or family needs. So, please get in touch with us throughour contact form or directly to me using my email or phone: [email protected] / 07939206599

People standing on a Golden Bridge, Vietnam, Da Nang