There is always something going on in Siem Reap and last weekend was no exception, the Giant Puppet Project turned the streets of Siem Reap into a scene that would look more familiar in Rio or Notting Hill during Carnival. With a parade of huge glowing figures up to 30 meters long held by the local children who helped to make them.

It all first began in 2007 when Jig Cochrane a British artist was visiting Siem Reap. He held a puppet making workshop for the local children who wanted to share their puppets with the town, it all spiralled from there. A number of famous designers have lent a hand over the years and this year was no exception with one of the Game of Thrones costume designers, Nina Ayres helping out.

The Giant Puppet Project is the largest community arts project in Cambodia and while aimed to be fun for the children it is also educational.  The kids were asked to take cultural and ecological themes as their inspiration, with things such as endangered species, Khmer arts or mythological figures featuring. This year saw a variety of puppets, Khmer dancing and music galore.

The Giant Puppet Project is just one example of the fantastic community spirit in Cambodia and of all the exciting things that are always going on in Siem Reap. The advantage of booking with a company based in the country is we live here and are more aware of all these local events, where to see them and what time is best to go. So why wait book this year’s holiday with See Asia Differently.