Cambodia's Raining Season

Visiting Cambodia During The Raining Season

by | Jun 22, 2020

Rainy season in Cambodia – also known as monsoon season – is called the green season. It generally runs from May through to October. Cambodia’s sceneries are the most beautiful during the green season.
Cambodia countryside
Raining season is especially great for photographers looking for great shots.
Many visitors may be concerned about the heavy rain during the rainy season and many choose to come in the drier season. Who would want their holiday plan interrupted by rain? In fact, the monsoon season is not as bad as people think. There are many positive aspects that may change your mind about visiting Cambodia during the rainy season.

While rain can ruin a holiday elsewhere, life goes on as normal in the monsoonal tropics. You can browse markets, boutiques, galleries and museums, do a cooking class, pamper yourself at a spa, eat and drink at the cafés, restaurants and bars, see a performance, traditional show or movie, and you can even go to the circus if you are in Siem Reap or Battambang. Rain in Cambodia usually comes in short showers, they mostly happen in the afternoon and it is still very warm (25 – 28 degree), unlike many countries.

Flooded rice field after heavy rain.
Rice field in Cambodia
Have you been to Cambodia during the rainy season? Let’s experience of monsoon season in the tropics – less crowds, lower prices, green and lush.