Apsara Authorities hard at work

Apsara Authority is digging ponds, pumping mud and transporting water in the Moats around Bakong temple

by | Jun 25, 2020

From June 10 to 11, the Apsara Authority, in cooperation with the Bakong district administration, is working hard to dig wells, to transport water to the moats at the Bakong temple and transport water from the outside. Mud is pumped from the deep wells, which enables more water to be pumped to the moats located in Bakong temple. This work is being done to save the big fish in the lake and enable them to survive in the moats of the Bakong temple.

Apsara Authority pumping water
Apsara Authority digging in the Bakong temple pond
Apsara Authority spokesman Long Kosal said the rescue was now the second time between May 7th and-19th that the team had pumped water and dug ponds to enable the fish to stay in the moats, but unfortunately, the work was halted due to water shortages in the south.

According to Long Kosal, the current state of the water in the Bakong district is very dry and there is little water left because of the early rainy season when unfortunately it didn’t rain much. Another major reason is that the Bakong’s moats only rises due to groundwater springs and has no direct connection with the river.

Bakong Temple